Are you looking for a sensory-friendly activity to do with your child this summer?  With over 26 common backyard birds sighted throughout the summer months in Pennsylvania, why not make a bird feeder? To build a bird feeder that will attract birds all summer long and provide an engaging, simple activity that will delight your kids only requires a few household items: An empty toilet paper roll; peanut butter; bird seed in a dish, and a piece of string about 12” long.  

How to Build a Sensory-Friendly Bird Feeder

Step 1: Using a hole punch, place two holes at the top of the empty toilet paper roll. 

Step 2: Have your child spread peanut butter all over the toilet paper roll (make sure you put down some old newspaper underneath so your child can get a little messy without making a big mess!)  

Step 3: Next, have your child roll the peanut butter covered toilet paper roll through the dish of bird seed to cover the entire roll with bird seed.  

Step 4: Finally, place the string through the two holes at the top of the toilet paper roll.  The string will be used to hand the bird feeder.  

Step 5: Now find a tree branch or a hook outside to hang your bird feeder and watch for birds!  

Arts and crafts are a great way for children with autism, or other sensory and fine motor skill deficits to enjoy sensory input from different textures while also working on fine motor skill development. Doing this activity at home in the summer is not only a great way to get your child interested in the outdoors and nature, but will help apply skills learned in their occupational therapy program at home.

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