What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a form of physical and mental treatment aimed at improving the ability to perform activities and tasks in day to day life. Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on the daily activities of children, and is centered around helping children engage in school, play, and peer interactions. Through occupational therapy, children can develop skills around vision, perception, coordination, strength, sensory processing, writing, emotional management, and social interaction.

Overall, the goal of pediatric occupational therapy is to help children effectively interact with and learn from their environment in order to develop skills necessary for daily functioning. Occupational therapy for kids often just looks like play, but this is exactly how children learn. Therapists frequently use games and other fun activities to encourage skill development in an engaging, interactive, and fun way.

Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

Whether or not your child needs occupational therapy is determined on a case by case basis. If your child is struggling with daily tasks at school or at home, you can contact our expert occupational therapists to learn more about how we may be able to help. Occupational therapy is often recommended when a child has difficulty with a variety of daily tasks, ranging from trouble focusing in school to difficulty getting dressed.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our team of expert occupational therapists can help your child address these issues and reach their maximum potential.

In general, if your child is experiencing any of the following issues, they would like to benefit from occupational therapy:

  • Sensory integration difficulties or limited emotional management
  • Limited diet and food sensitivity
  • Weak and uncoordinated movements
  • Poor handwriting
  • Difficulty focusing in school
  • Difficulty reading
  • Difficulty tying shoes, buttoning, and dressing
  • Spasms/Muscle Cramps/Spasticity
  • Needing specialty equipment (writing, eating, sensory tools, etc.)

Pediatric Occupational Therapy with Niagara Therapy, LLC

If your child is struggling with any of the issues listed above, Niagara Therapy, LLC can help. Our strong, experienced team of occupational therapists are skilled in many areas and are able to treat a range of issues with a variety of proven treatment methods. Some of these treatments include Emotional Regulation Training, Neurosensory Integrator, Interactive Metronome, Brain Beat, Handwriting Without Tears, and Food Explorer.

Niagara Therapy, LLC boasts a strong pediatric team of highly skilled occupational therapists who are trained in many skilled intervention techniques. We offer one on one, individual sessions between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM that are driven by your goals. Our impeccable staff offers a full therapy team approach that is committed to helping you achieve your personal goals and objectives.

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Regardless of what challenges your child is facing, Niagara Therapy, LLC’s team of experienced pediatric occupational therapists is here to help. We treat a wide range of issues with a variety of evidenced-based treatments and practices in personalized, one on one sessions. Don’t hesitate to reach out and call us at 814-464-0627814-464-0627, or contact us online to schedule your appointment and help your child meet their goals today.

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