Educational Consulting

Niagara Professional Services, LLC offers educational consulting for employers, continuing education contractors, and agencies locally, across the country and internationally.

Educational offerings include clinical/professional topics: NeuroHandling, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization/IASTM, Neurological based Vision Rehabilitation for Adults, Low Vision Rehab for Adults, Vision for Children and Learning, etc. These offer CEU credentials for attendees.

Educational and consultation is available for employers/staff both in and out of the medical environment. Medical and health care employers seek Niagara Professional Services, LLC for staff training on safe back and transfer mechanics, client management, equipment training, and specialized diagnostic certificate training. Non-Medical based employers seek Niagara Professional Services, LLC for work site/ergonomic evaluations, worksite safety training, worksite disability evaluations, generational learning, and leadership.

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Educational offerings include community based topics: Disease management (Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s Disease, etc), family and caregiver training, survivor education (stroke, brain injury, etc),  general public (wellness, balance/fall risk, etc.), generational learning, and leadership, etc.

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Legal and Advocacy Consulting

Niagara Professional Services, LLC offers legal consulting regionally and nationally. Services include consulting for functional abilities and skills for representation in legal actions/cases. Representation includes a thorough assessment of motor, cognitive, coordination, emotional, mobility, and balance skills. The evaluation not only assesses how those skills impact self-care, daily activities, community access, safety, vocational/work, and home management but how these will impact the rest of a lifetime and quality of life. Recommendations can be made for safe living choices, needed equipment, home modifications, support staff needs, and ongoing therapy needs. These services are offered in a neutral and unbiased format with full narrative reports, on site reviews, and/or web based reviews.

Advocacy consulting services are offered regionally for medically critical or functionally challenged individuals and families. The role of the advocate is to educate, support and offer advise from the other side of the table to the lay person. Having a healthcare advocate offers an individual and family insights on appropriate expectations and support to acquire the best care and living environment. Consulting with an advocate allows you to have these resources in your back pocket for medical and team meetings. Consulting can include phone/web access, onsite access, on-call access, and/or team meeting participation.

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